Democratize Financial Accessibility

Each year, over 100 million Americans shell out $1.4 trillion on rent – their biggest monthly expense. Yet, a staggering 90% of renters receive no boost to their credit history for making these timely payments. With the rental payment reported, such individuals can qualify for a mortgage, build wealth for generation, and save nearly $200,000 in reduced lifetime interest payments. Our vision is to reduce financial obstacles for working families and use data to decrease the wealth gap between races.

Harness the power of Data for reducing the Wealth gap between Races

Building Financial Equity: Our Journey

AxcessRent was founded in 2022 by with the goal of supporting every Renter on the path from economic identification and harmony to economic wellness and financial freedom development. Credit Scores is your vital link to the financial system in the United States. Almost 1 in 9 Americans – including 1 in 8 children live in poverty. There are more than 38 million people living in the United States who cannot afford basic necessities, and more than 108 million getting by on $55K a year or less, many stuck in that space between poverty and security. A society thrives when its members have their basic needs met. By ensuring everyone has access to stable housing, we can create a community free from homelessness and crime. This is why housing is a fundamental human right.

Our Culture & Values


Understanding the unique
challenges faced by underserved communities is at the core of our mission. Empathy drives us to design solutions that truly meet the needs of those we aim to serve, ensuring that no one is left behind in the financial landscape.


We are committed to creating financial services that are easily accessible to everyone, regardless of their economic status or geographical location. This involves leveraging technology to break down barriers and bring financial opportunities closer to the underserved.


Our approach is grounded in innovative thinking, aiming to offer financial solutions that are not only effective but also sustainable and scalable. Innovation allows us to continually adapt and meet the evolving needs of underserved communities.


We believe in building trust through transparency. This means clear communication about our services, fees, and the impact we aim to achieve, ensuring our customers can make informed decisions with confidence.


Recognizing that bridging the financial inclusion gap is a collective effort, we actively seek partnerships with communities, governments, and other stakeholders. Collaboration amplifies our impact, enabling us to create a more inclusive financial ecosystem together.


We are inspired by the resilience of the communities we serve and strive to reflect this quality in our work. Facing challenges head-on and adapting to overcome them ensures that we can continue to provide valuable financial services, even in the face of adversity. This resilience empowers us to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in financial inclusion, ensuring long- term sustainability and growth for both our startup and the communities we support.