Maximize your monthly income while empowering residents

AxcessRent, an AI-powered platform, provide automatic rent reporting, comprehensive analyticals, and emergency rental assistance to your tenants in need, so you can maximize your cash flow, improve your property efficiency, and reduce costs of non-payment tenants, all while improving your ESG goal.

Get rewarded while building credit by Renting

AxcessRent automatically report your monthly rent payments to credit bureaus to build your credit and increase your credit scores, each payment at a time.

For Landlords:

AxcessRent streamlines rent reporting, enhancing property value while fostering
tenant financial empowerment. Drive resident engagement.

For Renters:

AxcessRent empowers tenants build credit and financial possibilities while being
rewarded with rent payments

Mutual Benefits for Landlords and Tenants

AxcessRent empowers landlords with streamlined rent reporting, fostering tenant financial stability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AxcessRent is an official Data Furnisher with Major Credit Bureau (AKA Rent-Reporting
company) that has been certified and received credentials – that works directly with
Landlords/PMC to report your monthly rental payments to major credit bureaus. AxcessRent
also provide FREE rental kits and education materials on financial education on our platform.
More services will be provided in future, like viewing your credit scores, all-in-one bill payments,
emergency financial support, etc.

● Rent Reporting is an effective way to help renters build/establish their credit history.
● Renters are impacted daily as a result of low/no credit.
● People lack access to affordable credit, which leads to higher fees or deposits of
insurance, cell phones, and utilities.
● Opportunity for residents to build credit without taking on additional debt
● Encourages ON-TIME rent payments good for both Renters and Landlords/PMC
● Financial Skill Building

That’ll be unfortunate. Soon, our platform will let Renters initiate the reporting. Until then, we
provide a dedicated dashboard that offers a renter toolkit, financial wellbeing articles, blogs, and
many more services we’re adding for you.

Simply click Login as a Renter if you rent and sign up for your own dedicated dashboard.
Same if you’re a landlord.

Call us at 614-795-7470 or email us at [email protected]

Problem :
Unlike homeowner, renters do not build credit with each on-time housing payment. Most
landlord/PMC do not report their Renters rental data to major credit bureaus, which means
Renters rent payments aren’t included on their credit reports or calculated into their credit

Solutions :
By having your landlords/PMC report your monthly rent payments to a major credit bureau, you
have the opportunity to build a positive credit history with each on-time rent payment. As a
Renter you finally get credit for your credit worthy behavior.
Improved credit means access to safe and lower-cost loans and credit cards when you need
them, lower car insurance rates, no or reduced security deposits on utilities or cell phones, and
even improved employment and housing options.